Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Only a Game... Right"

I am a third generation Oakland Raider fan, so trust me when I say; I understand passion when it comes to rooting for your favorite team. But sometimes things can get too much out of hand. There is, but there shouldn't be a fine line between being being passionate and being an asshole. Lines can get crossed when certain buttons are pushed. Can we just stick to the love of game? Why you gotta bring 'my mama' into the mix? Why you gotta talk bad about my dog?  I mean.. just because YOU like your team.. doesn't mean I can't 'like' my team.
I don't know how many times I've had someone actually turn their nose up at me when I said I was a Raider fan. Well DAYUM!! I was BORN in Oakland for goodness sake. My mama is a Raider fan, and so was my GRANDMA!! Now what?   Two of the strongest emotions are love and hate... and the line between the two is very thin. I woke to straight 'madness' in our chat room today, due to this Saints/Falcons game. Folks from all over tune in and chat, but make no mistake.. you are in Falcon territory.. so, they don't take too kindly about ANYONE saying anything about liking the Saints. I (being a by-product of New Orleans) had to get used to them calling them the 'Aint's. But I learned early on to just keep my opinions to myself. The new folks coming into the chat room don't understand this rule, so today it was like a slug fest. EVERYONE was 'all in dey feelings'!! Come on, how old are we?! It was just too damn much. Rooting for your team should be FUN!! not 'hateful'.
Can we just get back to 'loving the game'?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

...'Don't fall in lust, fall in love'....

Someone tweeted this phrase the other day, and my response was; 'why not both'? Now, initially this was posed as a joke, but when I got the response back; 'lust is temporary and love is forever' it really got me thinking. I was SERIOUS about my response. I've experienced both feelings and what I've come to realize it that a good relationship should include both. I mean think about it.. of COURSE you want to be in love and all of that, but to be in 'lust' or to be have someone lust over you is something that you don't want to stop. I want to ALWAYS desire the person I'm in love with and for him to desire me. If not, all you have is someone that you may love and care about, but maybe not be fulfilled in other areas, and that's not good!~  Yeah, I want to 'fall in Love and Lust' and may it last forever.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

... Yup, I'm a 'BabyMama'

Yeah, I'm a 'BabyMama' and I've been one way before the phrase became popular. I don't know how I used to revere to myself back then... I certainly wasn't his girlfriend.. He had other chicks inline with that title. Such is the life in Oakland.. especially during those days. But I digress. This is so random, but I have thoughts that I need to get out.
I know a lot of people get offended by the term, and some get down right 'hostile', blaming 'BabyMama's for all that's wrong in the world. But let's us not forget that a LOT of folks were born out of 'wedlock' so to speak, or was certainly conceived before their parents were married and a lot have turned out just fine. I know that considering my situation and circumstances, my children are fine.  None of my girls are promiscuous, they all graduated from High School and so far one has graduated from College. Not bad for a single 'BabyMama'.

I guess some say it's wrong for me to be proud of my position, but hey; if you gonna do it, do it right I always say. And I feel that whatever role you have, you should play it do the fullest. I keep saying I need to write a book to show what it's REALLY like to be a 'BabyMama' and how to do it right. There is levels to this shit... haha.. I like that phrase.  Yeah, I stayed in my lane, maybe too much at times, but it made my life less stressful in the long run. When I see what goes on these days... these side chicks be doing the most, trying to break up relationships, talking ALL the business, I just shake my head. That's not how you do it hunty.. not at all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Queen in You"

'You think you bad' is a term I have become familiar with hearing. I don't like being told that, but I guess sometimes I give off a vibe that makes some people think that I am conceited...?? But the way I look at it; I just understand the 'Queen in Me'. Do you recognize the Queen (or King) in you? You must have some level of self love/promotion. If YOU don't think you 'the shit' no one else will.  This blog is in response to whether women in particular are 'Queens' or not. Someone made the comment that not all women were Queens or didn't act like a Queen  Unfortunately, I guess this could be true in most cases, but I think it depends on how you really look at things. I know for me, this personality trait has been hard to maintain (lately) but for the most part, I've ALWAYS known that I was greater than the media portrays us to be, and I try to conduct myself like that at all times.

Now, does this always work.. OF COURSE NOT!! I am from East Oakland with Creole roots, so I have to be EXTRA conscious of the ghetto/rachetchness that I could possibly display when provoked. That's when the REAL badness comes out. But, I'm still a Queen none the less. 
I don't know; just as I say.. my two cents.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

About my Atlanta Experience... WHOOO!!! Last Part

*Turn down for WHAAAT?
Okay, so the last few days of my trip were pretty low key. I just hung at my friends house and tried not to think about coming back home... LOL!! But, we did manage to find our way to Atlantic Station. We just walked around window shopping mostly and then had dinner at 'Moe's'.

I HAD to take a picture of this.. I'm not sure if we have this flavor in Cali, but since I was in GA it just stood out at me. It taste pretty good too. :-)
After eating we just drove on back to the house and I captured a little of the downtown area.

And the last night had us on a 'mission'.. Okay not really but.. we just like to call it that.

and.. last but not least, view from the plane on the way home. Everyone knows how much I love the clouds and taking pictures of them. Well to get some 'above the clouds' pics was AMAZING!!!

A beautiful view to compliment a beautiful trip. One day (soon I hope) I will return to Atlanta. I had so much fun and it was well worth it. Sometimes you can NOT put a price on happiness. As I would sum up my trip as being 'priceless'. Thanks again to EVERYONE who made my trip so memorable. We gonna TUUURNUP again real soon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Depression is NO JOKE!!

Having to deal with depression is really nothing to laugh at. It is unfortunate that our society still looks at it with comical eyes. 
The other day I posted a comment on my wall. It was really one of those 'sub-post'.. directed at specific individual who was tagged in the post.  I made it seem as if I was screaming through the house, because of something she told me. Then out of the blue, here comes another person with a 'smart' comment. 'Take your meds'.  Umm .. okay. I DO actually take medication.. however.. even though he meant it in a joking way, I was kinda offended by his comment. The point I'm trying to make is; how did he know whether or not I took medication?  He didn't, but these are off handed comments that we throw around too easily.
As I sit and write this blog, I am struggling with the words and the courage to actually post it. Not sure of the 'backlash' I have to speak my truth as I see it. I hope people realize that mental health is just important as physical health. They actually go hand in hand. As I continue to open up about my problems, I hope I can heal myself, and maybe help someone else who's feeling the same way.  

I just saw this quote on face book: 
"Don't let circumstances get you down or depress you. Depression is of the enemy and reflects a weak mind. I know you are strong because you've made it this far. Thru past trials and struggles, you came out victorious. Stay hopeful and KNOW that God provides you with a garment of protection against all things that are not of him, all acquaintances that wish you harm and all financial burdens. Stand tall, come out of your slump and get your mind right."

The quote that stood out about the weak mind, shows an example of the ignorance that is still associated with mental health. So, If you are depressed you have a WEAK MIND!? Wow, really?.. I'm still trying to find a positive way to take that statement, but I still don't see it.  
This is the kind of attitude that prevents us from opening up to people, which in turn, leads to MORE depression. It's just a vicious cycle. 

*I wrote this blog in stages.. as it took many days to compose my thoughts like I wanted to.

Monday, September 16, 2013

About my Atlanta Experience... WHOOO!!! Part V

So late Saturday night/early Sunday morning found me back in the 'A'. One thing is for sure, there is ALWAYS something to do. I had planned to go to a picnic in the Park.. umm., but my plans got a little diverted. One my friends picked me up and we ended up Downtown in the SAME building as V103 at a day party of all things. We made our rounds, I hit a few steps, then we were out.

Where it all began

Fox Theater ATL, we have one in Oak too. :-)

Then we met up with a webmagger who had drove all the way from KENTUCKY to see me!!! Yes, she and her daughter drove 6 hours or so to hang with me for the day.

*Me and Derby
And when I say hang, I mean HANG!! We ended up at a Starbucks of all places and stayed there talking until after 2 in the morning. I tell ya, they do NOT sleep in the A. I loved it!!